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A high quality, professionally-installed metal roof can be a beautiful, durable addition to your home.

Our sister company Axiom Construction has been the Pacific Northwest’s champion of high-quality commercial metal roofing for years — now Axiom Roofing is bringing their methods and design to the residential space.

Educated by the commercial sheet metal industry’s SMACNA waterproofing standards, our metal roofers receive internal company trainings that guarantee our finished product is of remarkable aesthetic quality, fit and finish, and supremely waterproof.

In the Pacific Northwest where shade, tree cover, and moss can all work against a composite roof, metal can retain its beauty and watertightness far longer. A carefully-designed and well-built metal roof often costs more up front but is easier to maintain and can last a lifetime. 

We have proven success in:

  • Accent Roofs and Detailing
  • Steep Sloped Metal Roofs
  • Commercial-Grade Low Slope Metal Roofs
  • Reroofs

If you want a metal roofing contractor who does residential roofing work with commercial quality,

If you want a metal roofing contractor who works on projects large and small, 

If you want a metal roofing contractor who thrives on tight timelines,

If you want a residential metal roofing contractor who understands the SMACNA waterproofing guidelines,


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